To be, and remain, along your business evolution, your reliable guidance along the project execution journey.

Our mission is to be proactive and a reactive player into the game of the project execution.

To achieve our goals, we work hard:

  • to bring authoritative evaluation of yours project’s dynamics;
  • to be a reliable consultant, to shepherd our customer along the whole project path, from initial set up, through the performing phase, till the close out, minimising negative impacts, supporting our clients in litigation and claims processes;
  • to bring innovative solutions, not only in terms of systems, tools, techniques, but primarily in our approach to the challenges.

Nowadays, remote working, performed in a blend of site visits from seniors officers and support of local personnel constantly trained, is one of our winning strategies in terms of costs reduction, presence alongside our customers, and capability to deliver our services even across limitations of travels due do medical or geographical and political hindrances.


  • Drawing up procedures
  • Communication management between project interfaces (client, partner, suppliers, etc.)
  • Management and coordination of engineering and project control office
  • Civil and plant project tenders coordination


  • Analysis of scope of work according to standard WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) split
  • Identification and tailoring of customer database structure (areas, systems, lots, etc.)
  • Resource assignment and optimisation
  • Critical flows analysis and Master Schedule issue
  • Issue of cost estimation & return budget
  • Actual data analysis, forecasting and recovery plans


  • Fully integrated Services: the PMC teams we deploy for our customers have the attitude, the procedures, the systems and tools, the background to work as a compact and solid team, the crucial asset to delivery complex projects.
  • Specific Industry Professionals: The manager and specialists we propose are selected (also) based on the specific direct experience on the industry or sector where the PMC team will be appointed, i.e., energy background, Infrastructure background, Petrochemical, and so on.
  • A “state of the art” basket of systems and tools for data management: in the hands of both our PMC consultants and their stakeholders (you!). The gathering, analysis, and reporting of project data (even big data) is ensured by trusted systems and Applications we are using, and upgrading, successfully, since years.


  • Planning and management, in a quality system, of engineering activities in the overall project context
  • Support for Project managers during technical meetings with clients, partners, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Coordination of engineering activities between disciplines and other organisations involved


Materials bills (MTO, BOM) and enquiries (RDO) issuing and validation

Technical tabulations

Planning and control of purchasing activities


  • Education process analysis
  • Optimisation of personnel skills
  • Coaching after training


  • Process standardisation
  • Quality indicator identification
  • Implementation of tools for analysis of process and personnel
  • Assistance in processing quality procedures and documents
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